Boudoir Wedding Photography

The depiction of the human body has always been a challenge for artists throughout the centuries. Fine art nude photography in particular has played a big part in the history of Arts. The main point of nude photography is to present the beauty of the human body in a non-provocative, but artistic way. Within this context, boudoir photography has appeared recently as one of the latest trends in wedding photography.

This trend first emerged in the United States, but it’s gradually gaining popularity among brides in Europe as a special gift from the bride to the groom to remind them of their special day. In Greece this is something totally new, but more and more brides seem to ask for boudoir photo sessions as part of the wedding package, applying various boudoir wedding photography ideas, such as burlesque and Pinup.The bride may wear her underwear or may not wear anything, but most of the times the specific parts of her body are not shown.

Aleksey and Lilia were one of the couples that requested to have a boudoir photography session together, while on Santorini for their wedding. This gave me a wonderful opportunity to apply my experience in fine art nude photography during my years as a young photography student. I tried to create an outcome that would be tasteful and elegant, because there is really a fine line in the aesthetics of photography between the artistic and the unrefined.

Make-up artist: Renia Bledaki

Bridal Hair: Bella Damigou

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