Easter in Santorini // Πασχα στη Σαντορινη

Good Friday on the island of Santorini at Pyrgos Village.

Μεγαλη Παρασκευη.Η Περιφορα του Επιταφιου στο χωριο Πυργος της Σαντορινης.

πασχα στον πυργο σαντορινης


  1. P-Sal says

    Amazing Work Vangeli.
    Through your photos you can see what makes Big Friday at Pyrgos town special & in perfect combination with the expression of the people and their mood, the religious importance of this evening and the story your photos have to tell us of the effort that goes into this day every year at Pyrgos town that makes it a truly magical place to be on Big Friday.

  2. says

    Great work!
    We are every year at this event.. only via your photos anyone can see how impressive this event is!
    Well done Vangeli!

    Sometimes words are not enough to express feelings.
    When I look your photos I feel that it is always one of these “sometimes”!

    Once again congratulations !