Intimate wedding at Aenaon Villas Santorini // Lilia + Aleksey

a vintage style wedding at santorini

Santorini has inspired poets, musicians, painters, directors and all sorts of artists from all over the world. The volcanic caldera, the wild scenery, the unique Cycladic architecture, the impressive sunset, have all made Santorini one of the most popular wedding destinations worldwide as well as a destination for couples that want to spend their honeymoon gazing at the eternal blue of the Aegean sea. For me being a wedding photographer, Santorini is one of the most cherished locations for pre-wedding, wedding and honeymoon photosessions. And this is certainly not by luck!

We arrived at Santorini from Heraklion with a speed ferry that takes only 2 hours and 10 minutes. Aleksey and Lilia wanted to have a private and unique wedding ceremony at a location with beautiful views and a traditional Cycladic style. For that reason, they decided to have the wedding ceremony at Aenaon Villas in Imerovigli. Aenaon Villas complex is situated at the top of a steep slope, at the most narrow part of the island where someone can have unbstructed, breathtaking  sea views both to the east and the west. George and Alexandra, the owners, really honored the word hospitality that Greeks are well-known for. The wedding ceremony took place out of the luxurious Villa Elidami, where the couple was staying. Apart from Aenaon Villas the couple’s photoshoot also took place at the beach Koloumbo and Oia.

Aleksey’s and Lilia’s faces during the ceremony really show their enthusiasm, since everything was as they had dreamed of and one could tell that they were truly living their dream… The decoration and the flower arrangements were vintage and rustic style and and matched the whole vintage wedding inspiration.

Finally, I would like to express my warmest thanks to Aleksey and Lilia for their trust. From now on, I know that I have two very good friends in Moscow! This is what Aleksey and Lilia wrote about our cooperation:

As we started to plan our wedding in Greece, we checked about 30 photographers and decided that Vangelis portfolio was the best among the rest. My wife is a fiend of photography and was very picky. Any other choice would be a compromise: she wanted only a photoshoot by Vangelis. Can you imagine how excited she was when I told her that our wedding photoshoot will be made by Vangelis Beltzenitis? And he did not only confirm availability, but showed a great enthusiasm as well, offered several options of location shooting. My suitcase was full of dresses we found especially for location shootings, not mentioning our wedding garments.

To anticipate things, our expectations were generously proved. We were amazed by the highest level of professionalism of Vangelis, and his crew. Each day of shooting was very different and very impressive. We loved each location and each spot we stopped at for a shooting. I was like “WOW” when looking around, but could not even imagine how beautiful it could look at Vangelis’ pictures! This is all because of the light: Vangelis, we called you “The Lord of The Light” sometimes, discussing your pictures)). 

Again, I mention his professionalism: he got the best lenses, the best outdoor light system, his crew was well equipped with tools accessories for both photo and video shooting, they had all they need for the best pictures, did not care about how heavy all the equipment was. We saw they were hungry for making the best pictures of their life! So we knew we were about to have the best pictures of our life, too) All the crew, driven by Vangelis, was full of energy all the way, all the time, showing great discipline and timing control. So professional, we felt ourselves like movie stars. Of course we were infected by their energy and we really loved to be a part of the shooting process, spending each day with a lot of run and fun. We’ve seen beautiful places during photoshoots, met beautiful people and now we have the best memories from these days packed into photos and videos, amazingly produced.

Talking about people, first of all I mean you, my friends: Vangelis, Kostas, Benos, Yannis, Petros. I am thankful to meet you and will be glad to meet you again. It was a big fun to hang out with you guys, but also I have learned a lot from you. Vangelis, I will try to show same concentration in my office routine as the concentration of yours, but it will be difficult as you remained focused on your job each second, literally! And at the same time you and Kostas and Benos, Yannis, Petros, were nice and intelligent persons with great sence of humour and wide interests so we loved to be in your company very much. Thank you for being with us during our wedding day, which is a very special day of our life with Lilia, and for all photoshoot days in general. Our trip around Crete and Santorini was truly amazing, but still these days were the most impressive!

Aleksey and Lilia, Moscow, Russia.

КогдамыпланировалинашусвадьбувГреции, мыпросмотрелипортфолиооколо 30 греческихфотографовифотографииВангелисабыли, пожалуй, самымилучшими. Мояженаобожаетфотографироватьсяифотографироватьивсвоемвыборебылаоченьтребовательна. Идеальныефотографиидлясебяонаувиделатольковегопортфолио, такчтолюбойдругойвыборбылбыкомпромиссом. Можетесебепредставить, сколькобылорадости, когдавходепереговороввыяснилось, чтонашимсвадебнымфотографомибудетВангелисБелценитис. Крометого, Вангелиссразупроявилэнтузиазм, выказавинтереснетольковсвадебнойфотосессии, атакжеивпроведениинесколькихдругихсъемоквразличныхместахнаСанторинииКритеУнасэнтузиазмабылотоже, хотьотбавляй. Кромесвадебного, несколькоплатьевЛиляподобраласпециальноподфотосессии. Готовились)

Забегаявпередскажу, чтоожиданияоправдалисьболее, чемполностью. СерьезноудивилипорадовалпрофессионализмВангелисаиегокоманды (видеографиассистенты). Каждыйизсъемочныхднейбылпотрясающимиоченьбогатнавпечатления. Каждоеместосъемкибылокрасивейшимилисовершенносногсшибательным. Имыдаженепредставляли, чтонафотоэтобудетвыглядетьещекрасивее. Видимо, вседеловсвете, которыйвыставлялВангелис: Лиляфотографируетсамаипризнает, чтоегоуровеньвладениясветомзапредельный.

Подробнееопрофессионализме: ониспользуетсамуюлучшуюоптику, оченьхорошийвыноснойсвет. Укомандыбылвсегдаподходящийаксессуарилиоборудованиедлялюбыхусловийсъемкиифотоивидеоготовились, несчитаясьсразмерами  ивесомвсегоэтого. Быловидно, каконизаряженынаполучениелучшихрезультатов, длясебясамих, преждевсего. Такчтоимыбылиполностьюуверены, чтонашифотобудутвеликолепныВсякоманда, подуправлениемВангелиса, постояннобылавсостояниидрайва, притомоченьслаженноичеткоработалаизрянетеряланиминуты. Мысебячувствовали, какнасъемкекино) Снималимного, носкучнонебыло, наоборот, заразившиськипучейэнергиейВангелиса, охотноподдерживалилюбуюидею, былоинтересноивесело) ВовремясъемокпосетилимножествокрасивыхуголковСанторинииКрита, встретилизамечательныхлюдей. Теперьвсеэтивпечатленияестьунаснаотличных (болеечем) фотоивидео.

Говоряолюдях, яимеюввидуВангелисаиегокоманду. Считаюихнашимидрузьямиибудурадвстретитьсяснова. Мызамечательнопровеливместевремяи, крометого, чтоониотличныевеселыепарни, яунихмногомунаучился. Преждевсего, уВангелиса: ватмосфереотдыха, сшуткамиибайками, онбуквальнонинасекундунезабывалоработе. Явсвоейработетакойконцентрациейпохвастатьсянемогу, теперьбудустаратьсябратьсВангелисапример. Остальныеребята, Костас, Бенос, ЯннисиПетрос, тожезамечательные, разносторонние, спревосходнымчувствомюмора. Былокрутопутешествоватьтакойкомпанией

Совершенноточно, безВангелисаикомпании, свадебныйденьбылбынетакимзамечательным. Даивсепутешествие, безэтихднейсъемок, тоже!

АлексейиЛилия, Москва.

Wedding planner: Poema weddings and special events

Wedding Venue: Aenaon Villas

Make-up artist: Renia Bledaki

Bridal Hair: Bella Damigou

Flowers / Centerpieces: Agrokipio


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    We would like to congratulate you from the depth of our hearts for this SPECTACULAR work. Your photos are amazing and words are not enough to describe this beauty!
    This is not just a wedding in Santorini but a Paradise Wedding!
    Your photos causing us heart palpitations!
    All the feelings are awaken after looking your work.
    Every single photo is STUNNING.. every detail and every moment of this great wedding!

    Once again congratulations for your talent and professionalism.
    Really this is not just photography it is clear that you are giving your soul and heart at every click of your camera!

    Thank you from all our team!

    On behalf of Poema Weddings in Santorini
    Amalia Valvi