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The depiction of the human body has always been a challenge for artists throughout the centuries. Fine art nude photography, whose main point is to present the beauty of the human body in a non-provocative, but artistic way, first emerged in the 19th century and has since played a big part in the history of the Arts. During the early 20th century, a new photographic genre, similar but also different from fine art nude photography, evolved. Coming from French, a boudoir was an area where the woman could have time to herself. And this is exactly what boudoir photography, as it was named, is all about. ⁣

By being most of the times more suggestive and implicit rather than overt and explicit to its approach to nudity, the photographic subjects are regular, everyday women and the use of the photos are primarily for personal use.

Driven by a desire to celebrate life’s milestones like a wedding day, a 40th, 50th birthday, etc., or just a need for a confidence boost, many women nowadays want to have an extraordinary, indulging experience and explore their own unique beauty, while feeling pampered and special.

Incorporating a Boudoir Session into the Wedding Day

Within a wedding context, bridal boudoir photography has gained popularity among brides as a special gift to their grooms to remind them of their special day. In recent years, in particular, more and more brides request for a boudoir photo session to be included as part of their wedding day photography coverage. And there is really not a better way for a bride to start her big day than a bridal boudoir session. This is some time to take just for herself, de-stress and build her confidence just before walking down the aisle, as well as celebrate how beautiful and confident she is at this stage of her life.

So, if you are interested in incorporating a boudoir session into the wedding day, it is highly recommended you do your research and book a wedding photographer who is also experienced as a boudoir photographer, and your aesthetics match their portfolio. In terms of the style of the shoot, it can be delicate, feminine, and romantic or more sultry and sensual. You may want to wear lingerie and a robe you bought specifically for the shoot or you may also want to include some fine art nude photos. In any case, the outcome in the images should reflect your personality while being elegant and tasteful.

Your future self will thank you for the memories.

If you are thinking of adding bridal boudoir images on your wedding day, please let us know to discuss the process in detail.
Please keep in mind that all boudoir & fine art nude client photos are strictly confidential.
The below photos are exclusively of models or brides who gave written permission to use them.

A Boudoir Session with Tatiana in Rome, Italy

Tatiana is a professional fine art nude model and a friend of mine. While being in Rome, Italy during a trip for an editorial, I decided to organize a last-minute session with her as a boudoir photographer to inspire all women who are looking to celebrate themselves, show their beauty and love for their bodies. The session took place in a small hotel room, 17sqm, in the center of Rome with natural light only coming from a large window. This shoot with Tatiana also allowed me to apply my experience and background in fine art nude photography during my years as a young photography student by incorporating some fine art nude photos (NSFW), which can be found HERE and create a cohesive outcome that would be tasteful and elegant.

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