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Are you planning a destination wedding in Crete? Congratulations! The biggest Greek island is known for its rich history, friendly people, warm weather, and a landscape ranging from beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters to mountainous terrain with lush greenery. So if you are looking for your Crete wedding photographer, make sure to read on.

Wedding Destination: Crete, Greece

If you are dreaming of a wedding in Greece and looking for a place that has the most to offer to you and your guests in terms of diverse landscape, traditions and a unique spirit of hospitality, then Crete is the indisputable answer. Being Greece’s largest island, Crete is a unique amalgamation of enduring Greek legends and modern sophistication and it is guaranteed to enrapture your senses. And if the above has you already craving for a unique and unforgettable destination wedding celebration in Crete, don’t forget the sumptuous local cuisine.

Finding the Best Crete Wedding Photographer for you

A wedding album chronicling the finest moments of your wedding is a veritable treasure that will keep the memories of your wedding day fresh.

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In the years to come, whenever you open the pages of the album, you will be transported back to the memorable times you spent in the magical paradise that is Crete.

As a Crete wedding photographer, my purpose is to capture the essence and magical atmosphere of the island, in such a way that each photograph exudes artistic excellence and is a treat for the senses. I aspire to create timeless and elegant telling the story of your day. For further information regarding my photography style, you can read an extensive article on how to select your wedding photographer.

My promise is that, as your Crete wedding photographer, I will work with you and your wedding planner to decide the most scenic spots to visit and get photographed. A prewedding or day-after photoshoot at one of the many picturesque spots in Crete's varied backdrops promises to be a most soulful and evocative experiences. Without a doubt, these photographs will reinvigorate the romance between you and your soulmate whenever you look at them in the near or distant future.

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Contact your Shortlisted Crete Photographers Directly

I advise that once you find a Crete wedding photographer you like, you contact them directly the soonest possible, as it is always more efficient, faster, and more convenient. Email communication by filling in our contact form, is highly recommended as well as scheduling a video interview to get to know the person you will entrust with the important task of capturing your wedding memories and ensuring you have a chemistry and are a good fit for each other.

My Crete wedding photography services are at your disposal to capture all the soul-stirring moments of your wedding day. Me and my office team will be more than happy to hear from you and give you details regarding my Crete wedding photography services as well as answer any question you may have. 

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Your Crete wedding photographer is an integral part of a memorable destination wedding experience and your choice should reflect your personal style, aesthetics & vision.

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The Best Crete Wedding Venues

Adorned with very varied terrains, ranging from fine, sandy beaches to lush valleys, which cradle dreamy villages that haven't lost their traditional character, from snow-capped mountains to awe-inspiring gorges, rivers, and lakes, Crete will certainly have you spoilt for choice. And apart from the breathtaking natural scenery, the island boasts of rich history and culture, with a number of archaeological sites and museums as well as a happening and thumping nightlife.

Hosting a wedding on this fascinating island means that you and your guests will have the chance to experience the authentic Cretan hospitality for the most memorable dining experience of your lives. All these features make Crete the ideal location in Greece to exchange vows of eternal love, while you can find a curated list of the best wedding venues in Crete to choose from.

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