A Paros Wedding with Two Grooms

Every couple I met and photographed so far was unique and so was their wedding. Renos and James’ wedding in Greece and Paros island in particular was definitely an event to remember for being one of those weddings that were overflowing with love and emotion. A real union of two people that chose to exchange vows of eternal love surrounded by their family and close friends in a beach ceremony on one of the most beautiful islands of Greece.

Renos and James met on Facebook and it didn’t take them long to understand that they were the perfect match. However their love story is better told by them so I will quote their words below:

“Our first three dates ended with at least one of us tripping on the way home, and gaining a scar as a reminder of the date. After 5 years of laughter, dancing, singing, screaming, drinking, cooking, caring, shouting, crying, kissing, eating and loving, Renos proposed at the Kruger National Park in South Africa. A messy, calm, logical Englishman and a tidy, excitable, emotional Greek began the final stages of our journey towards becoming a balanced married couple.

Renos being Greek-Cypriot South African and James being English, we had a host of possible wedding destinations. We considered both the UK and South Africa, but wanted a location central to all our guests. With Renos’ Greek heritage being so important to him and with the natural beauty of Greece, it was the perfect location for us. We had been to friends’ weddings in both Mykonos and Rhodes, in previous years and seen how truly special a wedding in Greece can be.

James was the one that found Mimmika, our wedding planner online, through Google but in true Greek style, it wasn’t long before Renos and Mimmika were able to figure out how they were connected in the South African Greek community. We fell in love with Paros and its charm, the first time we saw it. It may not be as picturesque as Santorini or as lively as Mykonos, but for us it was the perfect blend of fun, beauty and tradition.

As part of our wedding vows we were asked to say what we had found in the other:

Renos wrote:
“I have definitely met my soulmate in James. He is a pillar I can lean on, that is always there for me even through difficult times. We make a great team. I have found a best friend whom I feel comfortable around and can be myself. And he is someone that is constantly challenging me to become more. He is also the perfect chef!! Always caring for me in every way and makes the best cakes and meals.”

James wrote:
“Renos has a beautiful innocence about him. He always sees the best in people and is very open to trust. No matter how many times he gets hurt, he wears his heart on his sleeve. I find his openness refreshing and I want to support him in being himself, but at the same time I am protective of his openness. Ultimately Renos lets me see the world in a different and beautiful light.”

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