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My name is Vangelis Beltzenitis, and I work as an Italy wedding photographer, specializing in destination weddings in Europe and worldwide.

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Destination Wedding in Italy

Are you engaged and planning a destination wedding in Italy? Congratulations! I believe there is no better choice than a country brimming with history, art, culture, and fantastic food. This is the birthplace of Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Dante, but also Giuseppe Verdi, Federico Fellini, and Renzo Piano, as well as some of the world’s best fashion houses. Every aspect of Italian life is dedicated to beauty, style, and indulgence in a dolce vita mentality that promises to make every destination wedding in this Mediterranean piece of heaven, the most rewarding experience.

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Finding the Best Italian Wedding Photographer for you

Choosing your destination wedding photographer in Italy, among the so many available options, is undoubtedly a difficult task that can quickly become overwhelming. It may be a cliché, but your wedding photos will be your keepsake at the end of the day. Out of all the wedding vendors, you will select and book, your wedding photographer is the one responsible for preserving your valuable memories. People have always celebrated milestones in a person’s life, and a wedding is among the most significant ones. The day you become husband and wife is also the chance to be together with all your loved ones, and your photographer will be there to capture those precious moments. I have written an extensive article on how to select the best wedding photographer for you, but the basic points are also summarized below:

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Apart from all the above perks, a wedding in Italy offers a plethora of wedding venue options in the country’s most beautiful locations, i.e Amalfi Coast, Puglia, the Italian Riviera, Tuscany, the Italian Lakes, Venice, etc. Ranging from castles and historic villas to charming farmhouses and modern 5-star hotels, Italy has literally everything and this is one of the main reasons I enjoy working as an Italy wedding photographer so much. Below are a few recommendations of popular Italian wedding venues:

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Define the Photography Style that Fits you and your Wedding Vision

We live in the Information Age and, more particularly, in the era of Internet domination. Google, social media, online wedding publications are all different means to find the work of wedding photographers in Italy, apart from wedding planner suggestions and friend recommendations. Throughout my journey as a professional photographer, I have seen several trends come and go.

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However, your wedding photos are not something you want to have an expiry date. That is why I recommend a wedding photography style with timeless traits intertwining different photography genres, i.e., having both a documentary approach to capture the story of the day as it unfolds naturally, as well as an editorial approach with carefully planned imagery to portray the couple as their most beautiful selves. Especially in Italy, which boasts of historical wedding venues and exquisite villas, the pursuit of classic, timeless aesthetics is, in my opinion, of the utmost importance when selecting your Italian wedding photographer.

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Select a Photographer who is Experienced in Shooting Weddings

Nowadays, the available Italy wedding photographer options are literally endless, compared to a decade ago, not to mention earlier than that. Not only Italian wedding photographers, but also destination wedding photographers from all around the world are offering their services for weddings in Italy. Furthermore, more and more new photographers start focusing on weddings, as it has become relatively easy to get a camera and start attending wedding photography workshops or participate in styled shoots to create a portfolio.  However, a wedding is a live event whose moments happen only once. The action can’t be stopped to repeat your shots, and mistakes due to inexperience or being unprepared are not allowed.

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A wedding is not like a fashion shoot where you work in a controlled environment, and you have a whole crew checking every detail. For that reason, it is recommended to visit the photographer’s website to review the published wedding galleries and also view 1-2 full weddings from start to finish, instead of only relying on an Instagram portfolio, which is a collection of individual images. When your photographer is experienced in shooting weddings, they are used to anticipate situations that may not go according to the plan. Unpredictable situations are happening all the time during a wedding day, but an experienced wedding photographer has the self-confidence to deal with anything that may come up and make the couple and the guests feel at ease.

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Think about the Photographic Medium (Film or Digital) you Prefer

In my opinion, the photography medium (film or digital) used to capture a wedding is an important factor when selecting your wedding photographer in Italy. The reason is that the medium defines the photography style and, as a result, the final images. I choose to shoot digital, as I find its advantages for wedding photography significantly more compared to shooting with analog cameras. You can read further details as well as the reasons behind my decision here.

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Contact your Shortlisted Photographers Directly

I advise that once you find an Italy wedding photographer you like, you contact them directly the soonest possible in order not to lose availability. Direct communication is faster, more efficient, and more convenient. For destination weddings in Italy, in particular, email communication is highly recommended in order to have a written record of all discussions that have taken place. To inquire about my services, you can fill in the contact form on this website, which also includes questions that help us create a custom offer tailored to your wedding event needs. The next step would be to check the photographer’s contract and its terms and proceed with scheduling a video interview. Getting to know the person you will entrust to capture the memories for you and your loved ones and ensuring you have a chemistry and are a good fit for each other essential.

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We will be more than happy to hear from you and give you details regarding my Italy wedding photographer services as well as answer any questions you may have.

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