The concepts of minimalism and luxury may seem incompatible at first thought, but in the contemporary landscape they are more associated than ever. Core minimalistic principles demand a “less is more” mentality, thus allowing space to appreciate the finer things in life, while offering a viable path in the pursuit of happiness.

And if there is one place on earth that embodies these two notions, this is definitely the Cyclades group of islands in Greece. With its simple and minimal aesthetics, which were forged due to the climate and natural landscape of the area, Cycladic architecture exudes unparalleled balance, harmony, and allure.

Aenaon Villas in Santorini island is a brilliant example of luxurious minimalism in its architectural forms, evoking a sense of sophistication, and elegance. Perched atop a slanting slope, which offers stunning vistas, Aenaon consists of six amazing villas, and it is certainly one of the most exquisite locations to host a wedding in Santorini.

So, when selecting the location for a Berta Privée editorial shoot, based on my vast experience as a Santorini wedding photographer, Aenaon villas was on top of the list. Bold and sultry, but also soft and dreamy, the Israeli designer’s dresses are a popular choice among future brides for a good reason. The luxurious and glamorous wedding gowns by Berta were perfect against Santorini’s backdrop and under the island’s unique light reflected on the white-washed surfaces around.

The Aenaon Villas Santorini wedding editorial started with a swimsuit and boudoir session in Aenaon’s outdoor areas and the gorgeous Villa Charissa, followed by a session in Imerovigli village. The next part of the shoot included a ceremony inspiration, with a half-moon ceremony backdrop making reference to the island’s crescent shape, as well as an intimate reception dinner setup curated by wedding planner Lidia Wandas with the participation of a select team of Santorini wedding vendors, as seen at the end of the gallery images.

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