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Are you planning a destination wedding in Santorini? Congratulations! There is no better choice than an island with a unique landscape formed by a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago, which offers enchanting views, captivating sunsets, and a sense of romance filling the air.

To be more specific, Santorini constitutes not only a historic land, but also a place of exceptional beauty, unlike any other. The blue domesthe white-washed houses with traditional Cycladic architecture, the narrow cobbled streets, the breathtaking views of Fira, Imerovgli and Oia overlooking the caldera, the wonderful sunsets as well as the unusual volcanic stone beaches , create an exceptional synthesis and make Santorini one of the most popular wedding destinations worldwide. Every year couples from all over the world visit Greece to live the experience of a Santorini wedding in one of the most romantic locations in the world. Besides, one more reason that many couples choose a destination wedding in Santorini is the fact that they can combine it with their honeymoon.

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Finding the Best Santorini Wedding Photographer for you

Selecting the best Santorini wedding photographer for you is one of the most important decisions you have to make when planning your destination Santorini wedding since your wedding photos will be the heirloom for future generations. There is an extensive article about how to select your wedding photographer, but the two basic points are related to the photography style that appeals to you and the photographer's experience. For Santorini weddings, in particular, it is crucial to check the photographer's professional experience in shooting weddings on the island. A seasoned photographer who has been part of several Santorini weddings knows every part of the island, as well as all the different angles of sunlight and how to take advantage of it to create the best outcome. The experience that your Santorini wedding photographer has, will surely be an asset when planning your special day. 

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santorini wedding photographer

I consider myself very fortunate to be working as a Santorini wedding photographer, because I work on one of the most beautiful and iconic islands in the world and have the chance to document my couple's special moments. Many couples have already trusted me to document and be the “storyteller” of their very special wedding day in Santorini and you can see more samples of my work as a Santorini wedding photographer on the website galleries. What I always recommend to my couples is not to hesitate to ask for my advice regarding the course of the day. Being involved in the creation of the wedding timeline is highly important, as this will enable to produce the best outcome in the photos. I also suggest having enough time for a portrait session with Santorini's landscape as a backdrop, which is a highlight for all Santorini weddings. After all, they are getting married in one of the world's most beautiful places. Why not take advantage of it? If my couples do not have the time for a photo session on the day of the wedding, there is always the opportunity for a Santorini prewedding session or a photo session on the day after the wedding. 

My promise is that as your Santorini wedding photographer, I will dedicate myself towards transforming your wedding dream into the most amazing wedding day experience and lifelong memories.

best santorini wedding photographer Vangelis
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Once you find a Santorini wedding photographer you like, you contact them directly the soonest possible, as it is always more efficient,faster, and more convenient. Email communication by filling in our contact form, is highly recommended as well as scheduling a video interview to get to know the person you will entrust with the important task of capturing your wedding memories and ensuring you have a chemistry and are a good fit for each other. Me and my office team will be more than happy to hear from you and give you details regarding my Santorini wedding photography services as well as answer any questions you may have.

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best Santorini wedding photos

Your Santorini wedding photographer is an integral part of a memorable destination wedding experience and your choice should reflect your personal style, aesthetics and vision.

best Santorini wedding photographer
Santorini wedding photos
santorini wedding photographer
Best Santorini wedding photography
santorini wedding photographer

Get to Know Wedvisions Studio

Wedvisions Studio is a Santorini-based creative hub led by Vangelis Beltzenitis of Vangelis Photography. Born from a common passion to create beauty that Vangelis shares with his team, Wedvisions Studio is made up of professionals who share the desire to achieve perfection in every shot and capture the magic in those fleeting life moments that love is celebrated.

Wedvisions’ experienced team of photographers and filmmakers, was handpicked and trained by Vangelis to match his style and philosophy in photography, while each associate’s work is completely reviewed and checked at every stage by Vangelis from the initial briefing to post production.

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The Best Santorini Wedding Venues

As an experienced Santorini wedding photographer, I have worked in the most prominent wedding locations and can provide valuable insight into the best Santorini wedding venues. Due to the considerable number of weddings that take place in Santorini every summer, I strongly suggest that you plan your wedding as much in advance as possible. On the above link, you will find recommendations for my favorite places to tie the knot in Santorini.




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